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Magnetic Eyelash Applicator Tool Kit with Magnetic Eyelashes

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2022 The Best Magnetic Lash Applicator

This two-in-one beauty tool with an innovative design that has soft magnets that will make the application easier and more comfortable. It will also give your natural lashes an outstanding, long lasting curl without damaging them.


  • Save time : make applying magnetic lashes quick and simple. save time when doing make up. It is also safer and faster than tweezer because of its curved shape.
  • Multi-purposed: Apply magnetic lashes at a stunning speed and with accuracy and can be used as an eyelash curler and false eyelash remover. It cleanly removes the false lashes safely which makes simpler and painless.
  • Safe to use: The ergonomically designed shape of the curler can fit on most eye shapes without damage. It also has soft magnets in the curler which is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. No Clumps, No Mess and no Glue. Kinder to your eyes.
  • Convenient to carry: Extremely lightweight and small in size, it can easily be stored in your purse. It can be carried on the go when you need it to fix your lashes(Even though it is extremely sturdy;) 
  • Durable and sturdy: Made of stainless steel alloy material, which is very durable and sturdy. not easy to deform.
  • vegan and 100% cruelty-free

    How To Use :

    1. Place the eyelashes onto the magnet on the curler: be sure to check the curler for the right direction and the placement of which lash is on top(the one with the white dot should be the one that goes on the top of your lash-line) 
    2. With your eye open, bring the curler towards your eye: the side with the word TOP should goes on your upper lash line and the bottom one under your lash-line.
    3. Keep your eye open, and gently clamp down on the lash line: you may hear click when the 2 lashes come together.
    4. Pull away and you're done: It won’t clamp on your real lashes. also, It won’t remove any mascara and the magnetic lashes are washable and reusable.


    Material: Stainless steel alloy + soft magnetic strip


    Package includes:

    1 x  Magnetic lash applicator

    Colour: Rose gold

    2 Pairs x Magnetic lashes(one pair for each eye)

    1 x Set case mirror 


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