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DSX Gentle Ear Wax Vacuum Removal Cleaner

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Introducing the Ear Wax Remover Vacuum Cleaner!

This is the perfect product for anyone who needs to remove ear wax. You can gently vibrate it to undo the wax and vacuum up any dirt particles that may be there, and also moisturize your ear when you're done!

If you're tired of struggling to clean your ears, now there's an easier way! The vacuum cleaner suction makes it easy to remove stubborn ear wax, but works so quietly that you barely notice. In no time at all, our professional ear vacuum cleaner will have the mess safely removed and it' poof! So easy!

One of the best Gentle Ear Wax Vacuum Cleaner is made of BPA-Free Plastic and has a head soft enough to be used in different sized ear holes. The length of the cleaner's head is safe for adults and kids. It's perfectly safe for your ears, so you can clean them anytime, anywhere!

Soft and comfortable:

  • Quality material enables the ear pick for different ear hole sizes.
Sharp earwax removal head is made of silicone, soft enough to fit in a variety of sizes. 2.5cm elastic material can protect the ear, will not hurt your eardrum, safe and reliable.

Convenient to carry:

  • Traveling for a long time? This cleaner is small and lightweight, making it easy to pack or carry. It's suitable for everyone from children to adults and elderly, so you can feel fresh inside and out.

Perfect design:

  • The design on this toothbrush head is simple but functional. It features two soft brush heads, making it easy to clean and replace without hassle.


  • Safe and Simple to Use
  • Painless and Super Effective
  • Removes Wax Without Injury
  • Vibrates and Vacuums at the Same Time
  • DurableLightweight, and Long-Lasting
  • HealthyPortable, and Convenient
  • Usable By Both Adults and Kids
  • 100% High-Quality Material


Professional ear wax vacuum cleaner is easy to use and massages. Simply press the button, insert the cleaning stick carefully and gently into your ear canal, and then press the vacuum button. This will give a deep massage with no need for scratching, scraping or anything else you do not want to do yourself!


  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 75g
  • Size: 2.5cm x 13.0cm
  • Battery: 1 x AAA 


  • 1 x Ear Wax Remover Vacuum Cleaner


 Bundle and Save:

1 Cleaner: $19.95 (50% OFF)
2 Cleaner Pack:  $29.95 - Save ADDITIONAL $10

3 Cleaner Pack:  $45.95 - Save ADDITIONAL $15